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Hemp Strain Cherry Wine

There are CBD-rich flowers, and then there's Alter Farms' Cherry Wine. Coming in at an insane 20 percent CBD and less than one percent THC, this cross between The Wife and Charlotte's Cherries took home last year's Cultivation Class award for best outdoor flower in the CBD category. The flower itself is moderately dense, retaining a good sponginess that's rife with trichomes hidden away in every leaf.

Notes of black pepper balance out the flavor to yield somethings that's equally sweet and spicy. A few tokes are enough to instantly put the mostly stressed-out user at ease. The spice of the black pepper reels you in, finishing cleanly with a brightness that's reminiscent of roses or cardamom. It follows, then, that the predominant terpenes should contain caryophyllene and geranyl acetate, a monoterpene found in roses. The effects of this highly prized pheno are very subtle. It provides a gentle body buzz while lifting your spirits considerably.

One bowl is all I need to run around telling everyone how much I love them and am grateful to have them in my life. There's a significant pain-relieving component that makes this flower the perfect mix on for high THC strains; alternatively, you can just smoke it on its own for pain relief that's non-intoxicating, making it a great cultivar to indulge in a little wake and bake with.

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