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OREGON LEAF — ALTER FARMS is a beautiful, regenerative, living soil cannabis farm just east of Grants Pass. When we first pullled around the driveway, the first thing my eyes caught was a towering row of what looked to be a sativa variety. The owners and farms dogs greeted us kindly at the gate, and lead us back to the various rows of legal Cannabis just starting to be harvested.

Purple Fire, Durban Poison and the awarding-winning CBD Cherry Wine made up a few of the planted rows. Other varieties were in the process of being pheno hunted to see if they'd make the cut for next season.

Alter Farms utilizes companion plants that grow alongside Cannabis plants, attracting and hosting beneficial insects and organisms that naturally keep pests at bay. Many of the plants at Alter Farms. exceed 10 feet. however some of the sativa rows will reach nearly 13 to 15 feet tall by the end of the season, making the use of an orchard ladders necessary for harvesting tops.

The living soil mounds were integrated into a grass plot, which we thought was a much better option compared to dirt or gravel.


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Sungrown & Sustainable

Bring ALTER FARMS award-winning, Clean Green-certified, 100% sungrown, Southern Oregon cannabis to your customers.