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Alter Farms takes home top prize for Outdoor-grown THC Strain

This past weekend, while some of you were enjoying the NBA Playoffs, I was busy basking in Portland’s cannabis culture. The Weather Gods blessed us with sunshine and warm temps as we made our way to the North Warehouse for the Cultivation Classic, an event that was held by Willamette Week, Cascadia Labs and Farma. This event was the first of it’s kind here in Oregon, a competition where growers submitted samples of flower that were soil-grown, using only organic methods. The samples in question were judged by local tastemakers in the area and the Cultivation Classic is where the winners were to be announced. Later in the afternoon, Oregon Rep. and cannabis activist Earl Blumenauer announced the winners:

Top indoor-grown THC strain: Jack Herer, grown by Garden Terrace Farms
Top greenhouse-grown THC strain: Jack Herer, grown by Hill Fire
Top outdoor-grown THC strain: Purple Hindu Kush, grown by Alter Farms
Top CBD strain: Fisher’s CBD, greenhouse grown by Essential Agronomy
Top strain with a one-to-one CBD to THC ratio: Cannatonic, grown indoors by Newcleus Nurseries

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