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This Is What Organic Weed Looks Like In 2017

I spent three weeks with the 100 organic cannabis strains competing in the 2017 Cultivation Classic. Here's a visual record of some of my favorites.

BY MATT STANGEL — In this week's paper, I wrote about my attempt at rating all 100 strains entered in the 2017 Cultivation Classic, the Willamette Week's organic cannabis competition and conference, which takes place today, Friday, May 12, from noon to 8 pm at Revolution Hall.

It was a true pleasure to experience some of the very finest organic weed that's being grown in Oregon today, and I came across more than a few fantastic strains that I wanted to share here with you.

While the winners won't be announced until later, below is an assortment of my personal favorites: strains that are both potent and uniquely nuanced—satiating the connoisseur palate with decadent flavors and scents, while offering outstanding bag appeal.

Without further introduction, here's what organic cannabis looks like in 2017.

by Matt Stangel

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