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Alter Farms is cranking out award-winning cannabis year after year

MAIL TRIBUNE — During a recent visit to Alter Farms just outside of Grants Pass, a late summer rain began to fall lightly, cooling the day and intensifying the pungent aroma of cannabis flowering in the field. I was on a mission to meet a few parti...

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Alter Farms wins big at 2019 Cultivation Classic

Cultivation Classic has quickly become one of the world's premier cannabis competitions, showcasing organic craft cannabis and the science that powers it.The three-day event culminates with the awards and data ceremony designed to recognize the farms...

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Hemp Strain Cherry Wine

There are CBD-rich flowers, and then there's Alter Farms' Cherry Wine. Coming in at an insane 20 percent CBD and less than one percent THC, this cross between The Wife and Charlotte's Cherries took home last year's Cultivation Class award for best ou...

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Dirt Is Inert, Soil Is Alive

BY EMERY GARCIA — It’s a dreary late-November day at Alter Farms and Cody Alter is ecstatic. No, not because of the 3,000 plus cannabis trees he and the crew were able to tackle before the rains came. Nor was it the fresh batch of seeds they...

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Cultivation Classic 2017 Winners Announced

There's good reason to believe this is the best organic cannabis in the world.On Friday, Revolution Hall hosted the Cultivation Classic, the biggest organic cannabis festival around. The event, co-produced by Willamette Week and Portland dispensary F...

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Cowgirl Diesel from Alter Farms punched way above its price tag

Silver Stem may be the Hollywood District's best-kept secret. The $3 gram special makes the tiny shop worth a glance, and unless you've made a late-night run to the nearby McDonald's that's also tucked away from the bustle of Sandy Boulevard, there's...

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OREGON LEAF — ALTER FARMS is a beautiful, regenerative, living soil cannabis farm just east of Grants Pass. When we first pullled around the driveway, the first thing my eyes caught was a towering row of what looked to be a sativa variety. The owne...

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Growing Naturally in Oregon

At Alter Farms, producing top-quality cannabis is truly a labor of loveBY GREG JAMES — Southern Oregon has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the western United States. Blessed with lots of sun and a wide variety of ecologi...

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Sungrown & Sustainable

Bring ALTER FARMS award-winning, Clean Green-certified, 100% sungrown, Southern Oregon cannabis to your customers.